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George Bunn's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Remembering George Together

Welcome!  This site is intended to celebrate the life and legacy of George Bunn.  My sister Jessie Bunn summed it up well:George Bunn
A life well lived.
Negotiator of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Dean of the University of Wisconsin Law School, Professor at Stanford, world traveler, mentor to many young people fighting the good fight for a world without nuclear weapons, and my father.
Let's remember him with love and funny stories.So, this is the place to do that remembering.  We encourage anyone with a memory about George, or a document or photo that may be of interest to his friends and colleagues, to post them here.  To offer a remembrance of your own, just comment on this post.

To start, here is the obituary from Stanford University.

Here is a nice piece by Michael Krepon at ArmsControlWonk on "George Bunn: Norm Builder."

Here is a list of George's publications in recent years.  (We will be working on scanning in some pre-internet-era publications and adding them here; if any of you know of publications available on the internet that are not included in Stanford's list, by all means post a link to them here.)

Here is a set of video interviews with George on the origins of the NPT and its verification system.