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Robert Muller's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Frank Robert Muller, 66, passed away December 28th, 2019 at Bay Village, Ohio. He leaves his son, Erik Muller; his daughter, Christina Muller; two grandchildren; step-son, Shane Ceriale; and many close friends in Aurora, CO. Born and raised in Philippines, Frank was a jovial and loving spirit. In his early years, Frank worked at the Airport in California. There his co-workers loved his daily optimism and positivity. Frank spoke multiple languages and tried to make everyone feel welcome on this planet together. Later, he moved to Colorado and eventually settled in Aurora, where he re-married. At this time he taught himself how to program and code, and landed a job with Qwest where he was testing and debugging software. There he would have many late night conference calls with India; everyone loved Frank's magnetic and passionate personality. He crafted a puppet aptly named "Rufus" to entertain and engage the folks from India on their late night calls. Frank's jovial and over-the-top personality was contagious and he was always "the life of the party". Frank was very creative; always experimenting and working on new hobbies. He was an artist, making wonderful t-shirts with skulls and nature murals, a medical marijuana enthusiast, a cat lover, a scientist, and was always passionate and outspoken about his beliefs. Frank will be remembered as the jovial and loving person we all remember. His ashes were scattered, returned to mother nature and the Earth, whence they came. Rest in piece Frank, we love you.

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