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Emma Young's Online Memorial Photo

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On August 30th, 1919, Emma Meyers was born to Samuel & Emma Meyers in Collins Mississippi.The Seventh Child Of A Seventh Son. Her father was the son of a former slave owner. She was 1 of 9 children. Samuel Meyers was gifted with land where he raised his family and was able to provide for them through the great Depression. Emma was a tall lanky young lady who could fight like a junkyard dog. Her brother Samuel and she were very close. Emma's nickname was 6:00 o'clock...that's the way her figure was back then...she later became known as The Tall Glass Of Lemonade. "What?" My mother lived a farm life and all that goes with it...Samuel Meyers was known as The White Man...He had blonde hair and blue eyes and a fierce determination to keep his family safe. However, that was just not enough...The oldest son was hanged by the KKK and for the rest of their lives, the family travelled in high numbers for protection.Emma Young was witness to many injustices, prejudices, and racism, and despite those things grew in fairness and forgiveness. My Father and Mother met during WWII and eventually moved to Brooklyn, New York. My mother worked with the handicapped and helped many Southern women transform their lives in New York. When her Father passed in 1963 she gave her inherited properties to the members of the family that had cared for him. She said there was no reason to ever return there to live for there was nothing left for her there now...Today I understand what that means. Mom you were A Daughter Of The Light and I see you shining brightly on The Way Home. I Love You