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Donald Dillander's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

my papaw was a very happy person he was always in good spirits. i was very close to my papaw an now when i look back id give any thang to have him with me now cause no matter wht went wrong or rite he always knew just wht to say to make thangs better. he was always joking with people so  he would have loved apirl fools day thats the day we laid him to rest i kno that it tore my mom up an my cuzen kim cause she was living with him at the end to care for him but i want them to kno just cause we cnt see him he still here he watchz over us every day an keeps us safe he dnt want us to cry he wants us to put our heart to rest  an a smile for him.. 

 papaw loved goin to church hill dwns loved hourses in fact he had a few raicing ones his self my papaw was the best man ever wow wht id give for him to see me all grown up with a family of my own i kno he smiling so im wiping my tears an putting the smile i kno he wants on my face i love you papaw r.i.p miss u keep us all safe

momma an kim smile he watchin you