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Donald Berg's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

This Memorial Website has been created to honor the kindness, good humor, respect and dignity of our Father, Grandfather, Husband and True Friend Don. Please feel free to share your thoughts, stories, jokes(if you can remember any) or how Don touched your life in his special way, that was unique to him alone. Don will be missed dearly. I know that Don filled the hearts of everyone he touched, his smile, thoughtful mannerisms and warm and inviting tone served to put all at ease, knowing that you were in the presence of a true friend. Don's family and friends appreciate your stopping by this memorial site dedicated to Don. Please take a few minutes to read about our friend, then share some of your feelings and experiences of your time with him. I believe in this way, we can all continue to smile, laugh, and love the most wonderful, unique, caring, gentle and funny man, that in my heart, I will ever have the pleasure to know. Thank you!