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Dominic Nguyen's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Our beloved Dominic has suddenly left us during the late night of February 11th, after struggling with depression and taking his own life away. Born and raised in San Jose, and being the eldest, he grew up loving aviation and anything related to it. He was adored by his peers, for he had a wittiful, wise, yet rather eccentric personality. He went to Vinci Park for his elementary years, then moving on to Morrill Middle. "The love for aviation grew to the point he wanted to be a pilot when he grows up. Instead of me being able to see him become one I have to see this..." Says his mother(43) who was shocked by her son's sudden passing. 

He is survived by his parents, Huong and Hung Nguyen; brother Derrick Nguyen. 


Memorial services will not be disclosed unless upon private invitation.