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Demetri Moraetes's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

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Memorial Biography

Demetri Daniel Moraetes was born on May 17, 1961 in Chicago, Illinois. 

He was born of greek decent to James and Diana Moraetes as the youngest of their 3 surviving children.  He has an older sister and older brother, and also a younger half sister.

He attended Carl Schurz High School as well as working in the family pizza business.  

Demetri followed many of his family members by moving to Florida in the early 1980s with his then wife and baby son, James.  

Demetri was a Jack of All trades in a sense.  He could learn to do almost anything and he wasnt afraid to work hard either.  

After divorcing and remarrying a few years later, he fathered another son, Daniel and then a daughter, Alicia.  

Demetri ultimately found his niche in the work as a stagehand and carpenter/rigger, and continued with this work for many years.  He worked hard learning different aspects of being a part of a stage production excelling in all areas.  He had a good working relationship with his co-workers, last working with IATSE Local 500 in the Southeast Florida area.  

Demetri was also an avid motorcycle rider and boy he really loved his bikes.   His ability to customize a bike was phenomenal! He had a remarkable talent for even the most minute detail of a design.  A real artist.

He eventually bought a house in Lake Wales, Florida and moved.  He liked living there, and in the last couple of years enjoyed his active involvement with his church. 

Demetri's sudden passing on April 1, 2012, will always be felt hardest by those who loved and cared for him.  He will never be forgotten.  

Demetri left behind wife Kim, sons James, and Daniel, daughter Alicia, sister Lia, brother Tom, half sister Robin, nieces, nephews, numerous cousins, and many other loved ones in his life. 

I dont know that Demetri could ever know how much he was genuinely loved and how much he would truly and honestly be missed.