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David Stich's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

David my beloved son sadly lost his life at the young age of 38.on the evening of Thanksgiving in 2018. David wasn't perfect but over all he was a loving, good hearted,fun outgoing unique individual who grew into a handsome young man that loved life. Born in Racine,Wisconsin on.8-18-1980 I was a very young mother and greatful for the help of my mother Nancy for being there raising David. David loved and adored her, he would say she was a 2nd mom, that actually was a blessing in disguise. Later David became a big brother to a sister Christina & few years later a brother Shawn. Atthe age of 12 we relocated to Las Vegas which would be home for years to come. David enjoyed being outdoors. His 1st job was Plant World caring for plants and trees very anxious to learn.Caring for unique exotic plants / tress brought a sense of joy and pride. Unknowingly this would play into his future. August 17th 1998 David became a proud father to a precious baby girl, Breya Rene Silguero .. mom being Bridget Silguero. Cheryl & John would play a big role in David's life (grandparents to Breya).Which David appreciated. I can't thank them enough for being there for him.They took him in to be closer to his baby and help with his little baby girl. Years later David returned to Kenosha, Wisconsin, He worked odd jobs. And on April 2nd David was blessed with another baby girl named, " Hailey Christine Deanna Stich" mom being Shelley. David loved both his daughters dearly. Monkey Dave's tree services was born and was his passion. He could barely control his excitement ! On June 23rd David's life was forever changed by the passing of his beloved grandmother Nancy. He was with her and I with Shawn when she left us. Celebrate the life of David.