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David Greer's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

He was an artist, musician, actor, architect.

His work at First Street Art Center was sold at fundraiser auctions, and in the gallery.  The amazing artist/teacher who thought of removing paint chips from the pallets for his collage work was brilliant.  As he would not use a brush, this was his way of working with paint, and it had an amazing result.  David loved going to First Street. He was an artist.

As we sat in the hospital room, I would play him music on my iphone, and when he heard Eric Clapton's guitar melody, he would tilt his head, as if he himself was playing, he understood rhythm and melody.  I was also told that he would rock out when at dances.  He was a musician.

As we sat in a van on our way to an appointment in LA, he would pose himself like he was James Dean, with such attitude.  I would stare at him and when he caught me doing this, he would look away and keep his cool.  This was one of my favorite memories.  He was an actor.

He loved to move things around in a room.  If he did not like how a chair was positioned, he would move it to another location. I always had the feeling that he cared about aesthetics and design.  He was an architect.

He is our angel.  We will all feel his loving presence as he has been set free to run, play and speak and sing.