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The best wild and fun person i have ever met. He was a family orientated man. Who would do anything and i mean anything for his friends and family. He dedicated his life around his kids nd his grandchildren.... And his parents.

"dad for christmas this is my gift to you. A memorial website." I love you daddy.


I hope people remember him for what a strong hearted man he was even under his rough outside. He was a gentle giant to children. He would give the shirt off his back for anyone that needed it. And when he called you his friend he meant it, My daddy always taught me your word is all you really have in life. So remember to keep your word no matter what.. He taught me you can be tough nd loving at the same time. And family,kids always come first everything else always followas. cuz true happiness is watching your children and grandkids grow up. I didnt understand that then but i do now. Thanks dad for being the best man i have ever met. I LOVE YOU>