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Clive Lambert's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

                            Clive Lambert 1941-2011

Clive was born in Staines, Middlesex on 25th September 1941. The loving and devoted father of Nick, Martin, Steven and Heidi.

He met his wife Janet when they both worked at British Thermostat in Sunbury. They married on 6th October 1962 and stayed married until Clive's death. 48 yrs.

After their wedding, they stayed with clive's parents and had their first child, Nick, who was born in Hampton Court, Middlesex, before eventually moving to Southampton where they spent 22yrs, and had 3 more children.. Martin, Steven and Heidi.

Clive and Nick served with solent rescue and St John's Ambulance brigade together as did his wife Janet. Clive and Janet were also members of the camping and caravan club for 20 yrs. One of his passions was gardening! He and his wife built a gorgeous garden which stands testament to this in his final residence in Rock, Cornwall where his wife still resides.

He also enjoyed his football having been a referee, Cricket and other sports, latterly carpet bowls.

Apart from Janet and his Children, the love of his life was his dog, Lucy, who, with Janet holding his hand, was with him at the very end and is now lost without him.

Clive was a man with a gift for friendship, and would go out of his way for others. He and Janet retired to Cornwall where they spent 12 happy years together before he succumbed to cancer.

Rest in peace Dad! We all love and miss you! 

Remembering you is easy dad! 

we do it every day!

Missing you is something

That never goes away!

The special bond we had

Lives on in my heart!

Forever to remind me

that we are never apart!