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Bryan Nolan

The Legend.
Bryan Nolan's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

bryan nolan was born september the 6th  1962 at redbird ky, he passed away on april 24th 2011 he left behind his wife teresa nolan of 28 years and 2 sons timothy bryan and shelby lee.bryan worked at the harlan county detention center for 15 years as a lutenant,before that he worked at the draper saw mill for 10 years. he was known to a lot of people he had friends that talk to me about him every day he was loved by many.my life has been shattered since he went away but i know he is together with his mother edith hall nolan and his brothers sheridan nolan jr steve nolan and ezekiel nolan,also his brother jeffrey.we love and miss him very much.things will never be the same without him.he could always make people smile even on there worst days,he was a good man. he was a chicken fighter at pine mountain game farm where he had many friends.his chicken partner marvin pace misses him very much also he stopped by the house the other day and was talking about how he missed bryan.they won a lot of derbies and had many trophys that was bryans hobby when he wasn/t working.love and missed always.

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