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Bruce Hunt

Bruce Lee
Bruce Hunt's Online Memorial Photo

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Bruce Lee Hunt was born March 14, 1975 to Bruce Hunt and Elizabeth Locklear Hunt in Charlotte, NC. He grew up in Huntersville, NC and attended North Mecklenburg High School. Bruce was Native American and is enrolled in the Lumbee Tribe. His step-mom Anita Hunt 


Bruce Lee married Tammy Michelle Tilghman on 1/18/2009 in Wilmington NC. 







From Bruce

To my dear family

I'm sending this from above. And even though I'm far from the earth I can still feel your love in all the times we spent together. Growing a love that could last forever are times that will never leave me. I'm sorry about the timing, I really didn't want to leave but God called me home so I fell into eternal sleep. There was so much left to do here cause God took me quite young. I had an amazing family and so much I wanted to teach my kids. I'm sure you all can make it, you have God by your side and just to let you know I'm enjoying this long heavenly motorcycle ride. If any of you ever need me just close your eyes and I will be there. I will help you through your life, if you remember how much I cared. I want you all to know today that I love you all very much and even though I'm gone from Earth I can still feel everyones love.

Love forever & always 

Bruce Lee Hunt

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