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Braiden Stewart's Online Memorial Photo

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To my Son,

I loved you dearly, even tho you hadn't even had a chance to take your fist breath. Not a Day goes by that I don't think about you, how you changed my life for the better. He became the most important part of my life and I miss Him so much.

Loved By His mother krystal, father Ramin and Step-father Blake, grandma Annastewart and grandfather clarance Sr, his uncle Clarance Jr. predeased by great granfather eldridge and great grandmother Shirley.

I know that my son has passed away
But I will love him until my dying day.
So please listen to my memories every now and then
Family and friends, please allow me to talk about Braiden.

His hair was brown, his eyes were blue.
He left us without saying I love you.
He never caused us any pain,
With his life we had everything to gain.We gained from him even in death
He brought us to God and there is no greater wealth.
Yes, for our son there could be no other
I thank God for choosing me to be his Mother.