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Billy Aviles's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Billy was born William E Aviles, Jr. he came into my life when I met him on August 2nd 2002. I only had a short time to get to know him and his family (he had two Sisters, Mom & Dad) but that short time was like a "Life Time within the (4) month time frame" we shared together! I have grown much deeper with his family since that time & his Mom & I, also his Godmother & I have grown very strong since as well. I am now that part of the family that he left behind now going on 12 years.

I was a very lucky person for Billy to have met at his point in life. I have been very loved and enjoyed that with both family and lovers. I know that this was something that Billy longed for "now" and at the time it was evident the way our time was together to be so short, yet be so deep!

We had a great time! yet it had its sad part as well, as it also had its most heart warming part to! Now this is a part I want to share with everyone! I feel its time to do that for us all finally.

I gave my heart to a young man who felt that he couldn't find that special person to be with and have happiness in his life with. I hoped for his happiness that would be with him & I together for along time, so he could get what he wanted and looked for so long. We did have happiness in the overall picture! but it was difficult for Billy to sometimes "Believe it" was real for him! He had gone through a lot in his short life and "his love and happiness" picture was fleeting to say the least, as far as I can figure, in the scheme of this picture... He had a loving family, but like all families it had its share of problems, and its that start that was the: "Fleeting part of his growing life" that I came into: late at the End of it all, and shared with everyone in...

We have a love story that started late and ended to soon, to be so short and yet so full of "LOVE" that is the sadness, that is in my heart for him, still to this day! I still LOVE that sweet guy with his crazy "Question to me", the first time we started to see each other, that he asked of me: "Are we Boyfriends, or just Friends?" I really didn't think of it as anything but a simple answer to return to him: "We are Boyfriends!" I felt that from the very beginning and never thought anything less of that feeling with him! I LOVED BILLY! For him though on the other hand, even though I could tell him; every moment he would ask that Question over and over! I would answer the same thing each time, and never change my feelings for him! I might go crazy as he would ask it again and again! But BILLY I LOVE YOU, AND I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND! and that my sweet is something that will never change.

I Billy have walked over these many years for your memory, whether with your Mom, or other Family, or just Mom & Martha your ever loving supporter's & me. We Walk & keep you alive in Memory. We Walk for AIDS! for your loss so young, so long ago. We write on the Board to YOU! To let You Know, we are here thinking of you... So my dear young Man. Here comes another year for Remembering and keeping the Flame alive in Memory of YOU... Still love you in my heart & memories. you have been saved there in a soft warm spot. until I meet you again. Until I hold you and kiss you again... and yes tell you the answer to your "Question", over & over... 12 years is a long time... I hope you've met all my relatives and they see what I saw in you "BOYFRIEND/LOVER" be there when I come home for good...