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BERTIE SMITH's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

My Mother was the most precious mama. She taught us the love of God by her life she lived. We miss her so much. She was a wonderful daughter, wife, sister mother. She worked so hard all of her life to see that her family's needs were met. She loved the Lord with all her heart soul & mind. I know the prayers she prayed are still going on for all of our families.

We lost our Mother to breast cancer  in 1983. She was first diagnosed in the 60's and was a survivor for 18 years. She fought so hard to live, but knew she was going to be with Jesus. The first cancer was very painful......because in less than 6 weeks she had a complete hysterectomy. As a young child I remember that so well. She was sick for a long time. She was my inspiration to "fight like a girl." She fought to the end......but God was with her.