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Amanda Colon

My Little Girl
Amanda Colon's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

I once had a daughter named Amanda but the Heavenly Garnder took my bud away.  It seemed her short existence was to set the path I could live the right way.  A man then entered my life who later exclaim to be sent by Him; to watch over me so I may learn it was not a dream but the wonder of the wind.  He said "don't tear my dear, the time is near and you will obtain the peace you deserve;" for I will place in your garden riches of memories an enternity will preserve. He stated I should nourish the land and work in the name of the Messiah; for the reward would be another child, a Son named Elijah.  I thank the Heavenly Gardner for the bud he needed to take to guide me and protect me from above; and send me all those angels that would forever grow in my garden filled with peace, joy and love.