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Alenya Rolle

Alenya Rolle's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

In the quaint and picturesque settlement of Mosstown,Exuma, joy bels rang through the air on the 12th june, 1996, when a bouncing babygirl was born to the rev. Brandon Rolle and Patritia Rolle. They named her Alenya Nevaeh Anabel Rolle.

She attended St. Andrews Anglican School, before leaving at the age of 16. Because she was very industrious, she started out as a maid at the sandals hotel and later on gained employment at Princess Magret hospital Nassau, Bahamas.

Because She was raised in the fear and admonition of God, She gave her life to God at a tender age of nineteen (19) after attending a revival service at betal baptist church, Ramsey, Exuma.

She was a verry caring and loving person and would gone beyond the call of duty for others. even though she only had one daughter, She became a mother to many, giving sound and sometimes blunt advice to her neices and nephews. she shared a special bond with her sister Catia which death can not even break

On September 10th 2013 she suffered a stroke and lost her mobility, And Never recovered Her life was taken At such a young age, i guess it was time for her to go home with the lord whom she served and loved