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Raymunda Galan's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

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Latest Announcements:

  • August 22nd 2016
    Day 1 of year 3 since you've gone.
  • August 21st 2016
    Two years since you've gone. Time is flying!
  • August 21st 2015
    You are always with me, Raymond
  • November 10th 2014
    It's your birthday morning in Culaba, your birthplace. I really don't know what to say so I'll just light a candle for you :) Still missing you so much and I keep hearing that the pain of losing you may never go away and may actually intensify :( If we really are spiritual beings and there is an eternity, please save a space for me to share with you! Y no se te olvide que llevas sabor a mi :)
  • October 7th 2014
    Thanks to all who attended to honor and remember Raymunda. I apologize to all for not being able to verbalize my feelings without becoming uncontrollably emotional yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to celebrate her life in words soon.
  • September 26th 2014
    For those of you who can't make her memorial gathering physically, you are invited to play her Memorial Tribute in the video section while we commemorate her. It runs 1 hr and 40 mins. It will be started here at 9:15 am PDT. Maybe we can synchronize? I'm sure that she would have loved that. Thank you all, Raymond
  • September 23rd 2014
    Equinox Greetings to all! Better late than never.
  • September 13th 2014
    Memorial planned in Escondido at the Joslyn Senior Center gazebo at 10 am on Thursday Sep 25. Snacks will be served after the memorial.
  • September 4th 2014

    Thank you

    Thanks to all those who have shared their thoughts, wishes and sympathies with beautiful cards.

    I would like to thank all family and friends for their visits, sympathy and support before and after Raymunda's passing.

    Special thanks to Gina and Onalee for being with Raymunda and myself during this time of transition. Gina spent sisterly time with Raymunda during her final days and hours. And Onalee was the glue that held everything together!

    And also a special thanks to all the members of Team Topaz from Elizabeth Hospice.  Their professionalism, caring, support, guidance, responsiveness, comfort and sympathy made a difficult journey easier to cope with: elizabethhospice.org 

    Thanks also to David and Ralph for providing me with male support.

  • September 13th 2014

    Filipino or Cebuano Funeral Traditions

    In the religious side of the tradition, a specific rosary for the dead (including some litanies and latin prayers) will be said every day for nine days. Liturgical Novena will also be held led by the Lay Ministers. The Gozos for the Dead ‘Pahulayng Dayon’ (Eternal Rest) is sung.

    It is always been said that Filipino traditions are shrouded with superstitions. Here are a few funeral traditions that I notice to be practiced by my relatives especially those coming from the towns. As usual, this is as far as my elders are concerned. Fortunately, we in the family don’t practice many superstitious beliefs in our home anymore (which made some of my relatives freak out). Superstitions are contradicting to what we express as faith in our God and in His will.

    1. A black mourning pin is worn by the relatives of the dead person. All pins will be put on the coffin glass come burial time.

    2. A container should be prepared for the “limos” (literally means alms). Since dying is expensive, this is helpful for the funeral needs.

    3. No sweeping. It is common in Cebu that the funeral services are held at the home of the person who died. During the entire nine days or while the body lies in state, there should be no sweeping on the floor. If you would want to clean, just pick up the pieces of trash and you’re done.

    4. (In connection to cleanliness) No taking a bath and you should not comb your hair within the vicinity of the funeral. This is for the relatives of the dead person.

    5. Don’t let your tears drop on the coffin glass. This is for the soul to go on with his journey peacefully.

    6. If a person died from a crime, a chick is put on his coffin. It is said that such act will speed up the process of attaining justice for the person’s death.

    7. Interment Day. All relatives should wear white or black. A child will sometimes be asked to wear red so that he will not see any apparition.

    8. Before the coffin is brought to the funeral car, all relatives should pass under the coffin so that moving on is easier for the loved ones.

    9. People will walk their way to the Church for final blessing, then to the cemetery. This is called “hatod” which means bringing the dead to his destination.

    10. Food or snacks should’ve been prepared for everyone who participated in the “hatod” and these will be shared in the cemetery. Food are not supposed to be brought back home, so it should only be enough. Should there be anything left, it must be given to anyone in the cemetery, including those flower and candle vendors.

    11. Everyone should pass through the smoke from the fire at the cemetery premises or at the gates (palina). This is done to shake off the dead spirits.


    Ref.: http://annpeace.wordpress.com/2009/02/17/filipino-or-cebuano-funeral-traditions/


    The above piece is for information on Filipino customs and traditions. Please feel free to honor and memorialize Raymunda in any manner which is comfortable to you.

  • August 31st 2014

    Please share photos, videos and/or stories and tributes of Raymunda. Thank you.

  • August 29th 2014
    Raymunda's memorial site will remain public for now but will be private in the future.
  • August 29th 2014

    Memorial planned in Escondido between Sep 22-30.