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Create a Free Online Obituary Remembered.com Logo is a social network where you create and maintain a place to share memories of your loved ones. Your Online Obituary is a community of family and friends that you invite. You can share pictures, memories, and condolences at any time from anywhere in the world. Create a Free Online Obituary of someone that has passed away.

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Create a Free Online Obituary

Register to Create a Online Obituary Step 1 : Write your loved one's life story, express your thoughts on their service and their lifetime, announce the time and place of an event or a memorial in their name.

Invite friends to your Memorial Website Step 2 : Connect via email or Facebook to invite friends, co-workers and family from around the world to contribute and share their memories of your loved one.

Share Photos and Videos Step 3: Share your photos and memories with everyone you invite. Allow visitors to add their own photos, express their feelings, pay tribute, and condolences on your own Memorial Wall.

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