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Anima Anandkumar
#5 Anima Anandkumar 2013-11-03 13:32
Ajja has been such an integral part of my life and he has shaped my
identity in innumerable ways. His positive outlook, cheerfulness and
empathy is something I will always cherish. My very first memories of
my childhood involve him. I remember he would take me to play slides
in the park. We would watch white birds fly by every evening at his
Krishnamurthy puram home. He would leave no stone unturned to keep me
happy. One time when I was around four years old, I remember losing a
small bead and he spent a long time searching it with me. He had such
immense patience!

He inspired me in multiple ways. He nurtured and encouraged my love
for math and he understood how much math is now an integral part of my
life. He always believed in me. This one time after high school, I
had entrusted him to check out my IIT-JEE entrance results since mom,
dad, Amod and I were on a long trip to Europe during the time the
results came out. Unfortunately the result turned out to be negative,
but he would not believe it. He knew how hard I had worked and he
believed in my ability, so he kept scanning newspapers for the results
and saw my name one day in a newspaper. It turns out I had made a
small error in giving my information, which led to the erroneous
negative result! It is amazing how much he believed in me! He was
really proud of me when he saw my good performance in IIT and CET
entrance exams and he told me that he was overjoyed to give interviews
to newspaper crews on my behalf. He said he was privileged to have me
as his grand daugther, but Ajja! it has been my privilege to have such
an ardent supporter!

Ajja never ever tried to limit my dreams because of my gender and he
immediately understood that I was not ready for marriage and asked
everyone to back off and not pressure me. Of course, my mom and my
Ajji are prime examples of strong women who have made great strides
and been my role models, and Ajja played no small role in making that
happen; he gave them room to grow into their own unique identities. He
encouraged me to pursue higher studies and do well in my career, and
yet, he cried profusely when I had to leave for studies abroad! He
never hid his emotions and was able to connect so well with his
feelings; his love was undying and it will continue to live with us.
Even when he was suffering towards the end, he tried his best to
remain cheerful and have a positive outlook. Ajja, I don't believe in
afterlife, but I definitely believe that you are alive within us, and
I will continue to cherish your memory and your ideals for as long as
I am around. I was immensely lucky to have u as my Ajja! .... Luv,
surishiva Kumar
#4 surishiva Kumar 2013-11-02 17:07
The demise of my beloved teaher has saddened my heart. I pray almighty to provide strenght to all the family members to bear this loss.YKN will always be cherished in my memories.
Byagatavalli Shankara
#3 Byagatavalli Shankara 2013-11-02 15:34
Each one has to depart some day. One is remembered for what one leaves behind as a contribution to the society at large. Being a maths teacher, sri ykn has left his mark in his innumerable students as his contribution. In particular the quality of persons one has contributed leaves a lasting impression. Sri ykn has given to society such jewels as Kirana and her pearls (Animasri and Amod), Rakesh and his diamonds(Vinaya k and Vibha) who are serving the society with dedication. In fact sri YKN has given back more than he has received from God. No doubt that he will be well rested. My humble prayers in absence. Shankara
#2 Manjunath 2013-10-30 14:06
We share our grief with the loved ones in this difficult time.May his soul rest in peace.
- Condolences from Manjunath Byndoor & family - Mysore
Vibha Rakesh
#1 Vibha Rakesh 2013-10-26 01:07
Dearest and Beloved,

It is with profound grief that we inform you of the sad demise of retired Maths teacher Sri Y. K. Nanjundiah (s/o Yadatore Keshaviah) at 11:30 am on 23-10-2013. The Vaikunta Samaradhane (memorial ceremony) is being held at Sri Prasanna Parvati Kalyana Mantap, Mysore on 4-11-2013. We humbly request your presence at this moment of distress to join us in our prayers for the peace of the departed soul.

Agenda: Monday 4th November 2013
10:30 am Upanishath Parayana
11:30 am Memorial Ceremony
12:30 am Lunch

Prasanna Parvathi Kalyana Mantapa
Adipampa Road, Near Kalidasa Road, V.V. Mohalla

Mysore, KA 570002, India
+91 821 241 2119

Memorial Website:

In deep sorrow,
Suguna Malathi
Rakesh, Nagalakshmi, Vinayak Rakshith, Vibha
Anand Kumar, Lakshmi Kirana, Animashree, Amod Jai Ganesh
Contact Nos: 98451 07516 / 98804 22788

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