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#9 Charlene Wittman 2013-01-18 22:47
My sympathy to Roger, Ryan, Renee, Holly and the entire family, Susan will always be in my heart. My family met her and Roger back when we moved to Denver. Susan was the strongest, cut the to the chase, logical, softy. She was so smart about everything and then I could say something out of the blue and she would just say "Oh?" with such a naive look. I think I remember that the most. It was so genuine just like she was. Like my g-son Vinny said, Susan we will see you on the otherside.
Charlene Wittman
Sherrye Barrow
#8 Sherrye Barrow 2013-01-10 00:09
My deepest sympathy to Roger, Holly Renee, Ryan, Janice, Greg and family. I am so blessed to have had Susan in my life.Susan was an older cousin of mine and I lived with her for a few years during my childhood. She was like an older sister to me, my not having any siblings. As a child she was my protector and as a grown up she was my friend...I hope to meet up with her again.
Sherrye Barrow
#7 Theresa Anderson 2012-12-31 22:13
Holly, we will continue to pray for peace for you while you grieve the loss of your wonderful mom! Know that we are here for you if/when you need us! Love to you always!
Terrie and Scott Anderson
#6 Hank Croope 2012-12-17 22:44
#5 Colleen K Jessen Croope 2012-12-17 22:26
Roger & Family,

I also have many good memories of Susan in our younger days. Susan rest in peace. You was my cousin and best friend growing up, I will miss you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family.

Love Colleen Croope
#4 Yvonne Jessen Myrick 2012-12-17 14:22
Roger and Family,
I have many, many good and fun memories of playing with Susie when we were young. We had a game we called 'Nancy and Ruth" in which we played house and acted like our mothers. We always looked forward to being together when ever the occasion arose.

Please accept our condolences and know that we keep you all in our prayers.
Keith and Von Myrick
#3 Debbie Simmons 2012-12-17 10:55
Roger and family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you! We are very sorry for the loss of Susan. She was a great cousin to be with!

Mike and Debbie Simmons
#2 Susan Law Parker 2012-12-17 10:27
Roger and family,

Keeping you and your family in thoughts and prayers every day.

Sue Parker
#1 Vince V-Dub Vickery 2012-12-17 04:10
Anybody reading this probably already knows who I am but if not, my name is Vince Vickery and I am a friend of the family, since I was about 5 years old Ryan, Roger and Susan kind of took me under their wing, and Ryan was my best friend. You all were so genuine to me and treated me so nicely even though I was a holy terror and over almost ever day. You all have always seemed like family to me, and Susan was the type of person who could come down to my level as a kid and sincerely make me smile or laugh or just talk to me to see how I was doin. She really cared about a lot of people, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. She was the type of person who could walk into a room and lift everyone's spirits, even if she didn't know you. Personally Susan Robuck had a huge impact on my life, she was always so kind to me, and she would always take Ryan and I swimming as kids, almost evreyday in the summer, and for hours and hours and hours on end. She was always there to talk to us about the important things in life, and helped me to learn right from wrong. I remember when I used to get on her nerves she would jokingly tell Ryan and I that she would "cut off our winkies." This always made me and Ryan laugh no matter what!! I remember she would always buy us toys, pokemon cards, games and anything we really ever wanted. She never minded giving or buying me stuff as well, and she would bring me along with her and Ryan wherever they went and would even let me stay for dinner. There was so much good in Susan and it hurts to know that she is gone. It's almost incomprehensibl e. Susan Robuck was a great caring woman full of love, life and happiness. She was a tough woman and at the same time such an open and caring woman. It's the little things she did that I will miss the most, like when she would just check in on Ryan and I, and stand in the door telling us jokes and makin fun with us. I remember that she always had her plastic cup with her, and always had something delicious inside and she wasn't afraid to let me have a sip. She was more like a mother figure then a friend, and it hurts me and so many other people to see her depart. Roger, Susan and Ryan we're always like family to me, and many other people in the family knows "Vinny." Sometimes life is hard and uncertain and sometimes it's not very fair. They say it's always the good ones who go early and that is true. I wish I had gotten to see her in her later years but I believe in heaven and I know that no matter who I love that passes away, I will see them again on the other side. I am goin to pray for Susan often and I know Roger, Ryan, Hollie, Riley, Bailey, the rest of her family and friends, and myself will never forget the many ways she touched everybody, including myself, she was an amazing person. It's odd how you can meet a million people and only find that one person can touch you on so many levels, this was Susan, she is the type of person you could never forget and always looked forward to talking to. She will always be a part of so many people, including myself, I will never forget her or how compassionate she was. I loved her and it makes me so sad. You are never forgotten Susan and forever loved!! May our prayers reach your ears. WE LOVE YOU!! And I love the family too!! Ryan and Roger especially, you guys will always feel like family. I love you guys and always remember if Susan is in your heart, she is always with us. I'll miss you Susan, and we will all see you again one day.
With much love,
Vince Vickery a.k.a. "Vinny"

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