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Susan Irpino's Online Memorial Photo

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Jacki Unger
#4 RE: susanJacki Unger 2021-05-06 13:26
There are no words to express my grief. Susie was so full of life. It’s impossible to believe she is gone. May you Rest In peace my dear friend. Memories of her will remain in our hearts.
Melissa Wellings Tuchten
#3 A Poem for SueMelissa Wellings Tuchten 2021-05-01 13:22
Was the sun supposed to rise today???
Or did you go to heaven and make it that way?
It doesn't seem fair that you were taken away
There is so much left to say...
A hello, I love you, thank you so much
I miss the sound of your voice and caring touch
I didn't have a chance to say "goodbye"
Or reminisce of times gone by
To see your warming smile
To sit and talk and laugh awhile
If we could have just one more day
And wishes did come true
I'd spend that precious time
Side by side with you
As the day fades away
And the sun begins to set
I'll hold you within my heart
And never will I forget
The heart of gold you left behind
As heaven opened it's gate for you
Your soul may have flown away
But your story isn't through
We'll carry you with us always
No matter what life throws our way
We'll hold our heads high
Until we meet again one day.

With love always and forever - Adam & Missy ♡
Linda C Gootrad
#2 My friend SusanLinda C Gootrad 2021-05-01 00:13
I don't know what to say...I have known Susan (Susie) since highschool and have been friends ever since. During our highschool years and right after we were crazy girls...loving life and having fun. Like the day we were in her Beetle Bug car and her and Karen were both in the front seat. Both were blonde beauties by the way. Well we had a bender fender and noone got hurt but both of their heads head the window in front of them and tufts of their hair were hanging from the the glass. Sounds scary but we laughed ourselves silly.

Through the next BUNCH of years we rarely saw each other except at reunions at Max and Bennys but our love for each other never waned. Then about five years ago we starting going out with our husbands and she and I for gluten free breakfasts. I could talk to her about everything. She was my go to friend for anything.

Susie, I miss you so much. Your passing is proof that Gd takes the special people. You left us way too soon. I will always have a place for you in my heart and hope to see you again one day.
Love Linda Weisberg Gootrad and Peter too
Melissa Wellings Tuchten
#1 RIP ♡ Susan ♡Melissa Wellings Tuchten 2021-04-30 21:06
Sue was a wonderful woman. As far as mother-in-laws go I was lucky enough to have the very best. Although stubborn at times she was caring, selfless, and had a beautiful heart. She will truly be missed by all that knew her. ♡gone but not forgotten♡

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