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Margaret Fisher
#20 RE: randyreddingMargaret Fisher 2016-04-29 02:18
Randy helped us find one home and sell another, over the past 25 years. I only learned of his passing when after deciding to sell my home of 30 Years, I went searching to ask Randy to help me. I could completely trust him in any aspect of his profession. He was kind, funny and completely honest forthright and reliable. The world does not shine as bright without his loving and accepting smile and warm nature. Sorry to learn of your loss.
Denese Ashbaugh Vlosky
#19 My Cousin RandyDenese Ashbaugh Vlosky 2014-12-24 19:45
Randy was my cousin. I am the daughter of his Uncle Lowell, younger brother to his mother Lois. Kerry just wrote me a holiday note and told me about Randy. I had no idea. We didn't see each other often and hadn't seen each other in recent years- but he reached out from time to time to share family news. He was my Facebook friend. My dad - the link between the two families- died about 8 years ago this last fall, and I was happy that Randy sustained that little bit of connection. I'm so sorry we never met, Gayle, and I am so sorry for your loss. Kerry and Shari, I guess the family link will have to be sustained by us.

Danielle Donovan
#18 Danielle DonovanDanielle Donovan 2014-08-28 22:26
My thanks to Kerry for reminding me of such an important date. I think of Randy often and I'm sorry that we had such a short time together again after I came back to Northern California. Randy was a brother to me in many ways and I miss him in the way I would miss a much-loved family member. He's been on my mind a great deal lately, so I guess my heart was reminding me that I missed him. Love to Gayle wherever you are - you were a great friend to him, as well as so much more.
Kerry Redding
#17 Kerry ReddingKerry Redding 2014-08-22 04:26
Just wanted to put out there in the universe that on this day you are remembered Randy, especially for the good times with you and your family of close friends, and you are missed by us all.
Patricia Fortunati
#16 Patricia Fortunati 2013-11-28 13:37
Hi Gayle,
What a lovely tribute to Randy.
It's impossible to think of Randy without smiling. He brought such a beautiful light to wherever he was. He had that wonderful smile and unique grin - like he knew a funny secret but he wasn't sharing. He was truly and kind and gentle soul.
Remembering Randy brings me back to that wonderful trip to Puerto Vallarta. I always laugh when I think about that crazy night during the Feast of Guadalupe when he carried around that inflatable dog on his shoulders and all the locals were looking at him like he was LOCO! As if that wasn't enough, the god then became our mascot for the rest of the trip. Remember it protecting your doorway?
I'm sorry he is gone but I know he's in Heaven and knowing Randy, he's keeping God chuckling!
Thank you for the honor of knowing you Randy!
Greg von Buchau
#15 Greg von Buchau 2013-11-28 06:50
I'm in a state of semi shock right now. Cindy and I were walking the dog on the hill between San Rafael and Terra Linda and we met a man who said he was a realtor. I asked him if he knew Randy Redding and he told me that Randy had passed away. Now I know why Randy's Facebook pages last posting was July 2013 and why when I phoned his cell I got a stranger. Sometimes you can go months without connecting with people who you really like and I am guilty of that. Randy and I had some good lunches together. He did three Real Estate deals for us and he was sweet sweet man. Gayle, we are very sorry for your loss. I'm really going to miss that guy.
Greg von Buchau and Cindy Fluitt
#14 Gayle Parker 2013-11-09 07:00
HI Gayle,

This is Stacy Bischoff, RN, NP who spent about 6 years with your dear husband.
One of my last memories of being with Randy was he had 2 listings in Gerstle Park and another BNI woman & I got to stay in one of his lovely Victorian’s while he had to go to the other one. Always his gentle smile and welcoming soft voice to potential customers and really, to everyone.

He was also always a top seller in his field and when he did his 10 minutes at BNI, we got to see the beautiful homes he was selling & looking for buyers. As I remember, he was ALWAYS a top producer in his field.

Kind, gentle, funny, good humanitarian and LOVED YOU ALWAYS!!

Blessings to you, as you go through this challenging time in your life. May you find some peace as you walk around our beautiful county and know that he is still here with you, as his spirit is bountiful.

Margaret Rooney
#13 Margaret Rooney 2013-11-06 19:52
You are everywhere Randy, every time I go on a hike I remember that beautiful hike you took me on this summer (your favourite); every time I see my (new) garden lounger I see you collapsed in the old one when the leg broke, laughing; every time I hear "Amsterdam" I see you patiently going along with Gayle and I; every time I hear the Beatles I'm right back in Liverpool with you doing the Strawbery Fields black cab tour; every time I look at the small crack in one of the exterior walls of this house I can hear you telling me to fill it in because you don't know what damage is being done if rain is getting in (forgive me Randy, it's still not done); everytime I sit in the garden I see you stretched out on your bed upstairs listening and enjoying whilst Gayle and I drink champagne and reminisce down in the garden. You were just such a lovely easy person to be with.
You are everywhere Randy and I have these and many more memories to keep you here.
RIP Randy Redding
Barbara-Grace Pike-Armbrust
#12 Barbara-Grace Pike-Armbrust 2013-11-06 01:33
Dear Gayle, Kerry & Family
Randy & I were first friends in BNI San Rafael, and over the years, I referred friends & patients to him for real estate purchases; one patient even showed her trust and care by making him PBJ sandwiches whenever he visited her. Randy generously showed my husband & I a number of homes, even when we didn't end up buying; that was a strength in his marketing approach...one never knew when potential buyers might someday bite the bullet & buy.
At one BNI meeting, I noticed Randy's new wedding band (absent the prior week), and forced his announcement at meeting's end by saying "Randy has something special to say!" His cheeks couldn't have been redder, and his SMILE had never been so BIG.
Randy's generosity of time, spirit and compassion is forever in my heart. He was a great ear, when I was going through business and family challenges, gently and steadily assuring me that things would be OK...and they were.
We are saddened for your early loss of a dear & complex man, and loss for all of us, who shared Randy in our circle of life.
Barbara-Grace Pike-Armbrust
Kerry Redding
#11 Kerry Redding 2013-11-01 04:54
My brother Randy was nearly 10 years my senior. As a young boy he was my one and only big brother. He’d play catch with me (football and baseball), tickle me (sometimes mercilessly), and protect me from an older boy on our block who would encourage me to do things that later resulted in a spanking from dad.
Having Randy around also allowed me to participate in exciting events generally restricted to the older boys, like lighting fire crackers on the 4th of July. Occasionally, Randy would happily include me on dates with his girlfriends, usually out for dinner where we had fun. I doubt many could say that about their older brothers. Randy was a major positive influence in my life when I was young.

Randy and I had different personalities though which became evident as I reached early adulthood. We went through a period of estrangement where our personalities clashed and we criticized one another. That estrangement was partly due to my need to develop my own sense of self. I also learned later that I had unfairly held Randy responsible for something that was not his to bear. It was an unfortunate hurtful period in our relationship.

When I was ~30 years old I reached out to Randy to make amends. Maturity brought insights I think for both of us and gradually, over a period of years, we were able to accept and respect each other’s differences and to enjoy the things we shared. We shared a love for nature and the outdoors, for quality cinema, and for his and Gayle’s two cats, Bing and Sami, a couple of real characters. We also agreed on many things in life and shared similar values.

Randy had many endearing qualities which I grew to enjoy immensely. Among them were his affable nature and a wonderful, sometimes self-deprecatin g, and unique sense of humor. This, his optimism, and occasional quirky interests made him someone truly fun to be around. He was an adventurous soul who was open to new ideas and experiences, many of which he shared with a life long friend who he met in middle school. I grew to love hearing stories about his adventures. These included a tour of the United States during his early adulthood as a “hippie”, a sailing trip he and friends took to Columbia, his participation on a softball team that regularly played against a team of inmates at San Quentin Prison, his quest as an amateur race horse owner, and many more. He had these and other accomplishments in his life. Yet, you wouldn't know about these unless you were a personal friend. Being boastful certainly wasn’t his style.

I am very thankful for having made amends and been given the privilege of knowing my brother during my adulthood years as well. I miss him. I dearly hope he is now in a peaceful place. Rest in peace, bro, rest in peace.

Kerry Redding

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