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#3 Keith McMillian 2012-10-06 01:28
I remember when you gave nicknames to 2 of my bikes: Milk Truck and Space Ship. I remember when I will go up to my attic and call you from the attic window to come over to the house and ask my grandmother can I come outside to play because of her tight grip on me. I remember the walkie talkies we used to talk to from house to house at night. I remember playing hide and seek and you will be hiding in your house just looking out your house cracking up when we could not find you. I remember when you use to crack up about my grandmother's big spoon. The list can go on and on. Now I know you are riding bikes down the boulevard with GOD, playing hide and seek with the angels and playing walkie talkies with Jesus. If only I can reverse the time, I would. I would miss you, we all would miss you. May God bless your family and friends. You best friend: Keith
#2 Christina Thomas 2012-10-04 08:35
Music was our common ground, I know your singing with the angels my friend, no more stress, and we were blessed, to have u in our lives...I only knew u for a short period of time, but we spoke a lot, and you were a kind, loving, caring guy, may his peace be with u until we meet again..Indyan
#1 Shadae Carter 2012-10-04 05:23
Mardy, it was a blessing knowing you, though for a brief time. Thanks for those brief but kind conversations. I look forward to seeing you again one day! RIP!

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