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#1 Mitch Terrusa 2012-12-09 05:14
I remember the day Kennedy was shot. I was in the 3rd grade and we came in after lunch. Our teacher received a phone call in the classroom and began sobbing. She pulled herself together and made the announcement to the class. There were gasps and some crying and a girl in the back of the room said, "I'm glad he's dead: My dad says he's no good". That shocked most of us as much as the news that the president was dead. He was the only president both my parents were to vote for together. Much has been said to diminish him and yet he remains a favorite president to those who share the promise of his vision of America. His vision put an American on the moon in 9 years after he boldly declared that American goal. Imagine what he would have accomplished had he been allowed 2 full terms.

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