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Diane Johnson's Online Memorial Photo

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#1 Wendy Smiley-Johnson 2012-11-28 22:00
Dear Grandma Diane, thanks so much for being such a wonderful loving woman in my life. Your unconditional for family and children has made you the loved woman you are. Your strength and integrity in which you lead your family shows in all of them. All of your children carry on your generosity, kindness, leadership and love. I think about you and it brings tears to my eyes that I cant "Smoosh" your glasses when I hug you. I will never forget all the love you gave me and my children. Thnank you for bringing me into your world and making me one of your own. You have always taught and lived by the rule in life that family has nothing to do with blood. Thats why you will always e my mother. I love you Wendy

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