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Rtd Elder Daniel Ngugi Wanjama's Online Memorial Photo

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Rtd Elder Daniel Ngugi Wanjama
#2 Our beloved GukaRtd Elder Daniel Ngugi Wanjama 2017-05-19 10:38
We remember our childhood memories with Guka as if it was yesterday. Trips to his house were always adventurous and informative and were never complete without eating some sugarcane to wash down cucu’s famous “tudodger”. We would sit outside under the tree just next to the house and chew sugarcane till our teeth ached.
Over the holidays we looked forward to sleepovers and we would wake up early to feed the cows, go to the shamba or take a trip down to the river. Being that Guka was a teacher, everything we did was a learning experience. While in the shamba he taught us on how the echo system works and the circle of life. In the evenings as we had dinner he would tell his endless Mau Mau stories. Sometimes he would forget and Cucu would tell the story instead.
He always went an extra mile to tutor us in our school work and more so in our weak subjects. He was a strict yet gentle and patient teacher. Guka would rarely miss any of our special events such as birthdays and prize giving days and presents were always in plenty.
Even as we grew up we became closer as he was a great mentor and encourager particularly to Steve to become a great and responsible man. Guka taught us to strive in everything we did and to always put God in our plans.
Guka loved us and we loved him back and so this love will always remain in our hearts until we meet again.
Rest well Guka.
Love Waceke, Sarah and Steve
Rtd Elder Daniel Ngugi Wanjama
#1 Life and Times with DadRtd Elder Daniel Ngugi Wanjama 2017-05-19 10:36
by Eva Wangui Murira
Dad was a special man. I loved him dearly. I have fond memories of him in my early age as a soft and gentle person. He never raised his voice at me or mum or anyone. He always took time to listen to my endless stories. I remember the first day of school at Aga khan nursery school, he held my hand and walked me to class, when I got seated he waved goodbye. This became our daily routine for the next 10 or so years of my life. He dropped and picked me from school every day.

When I had no one to stay with at home, he would take me with him to class, most of his students here can attest to that. He would be teaching and I would be somewhere on the corner of the engineering lab playing with tools or scribbling on the black board.
He was my teacher, he taught me to read and write. He helped me with my homework. We spent a lot of time together. Since he was a teacher, we both had holidays at the same time. I would accompany him to most places he went over the holidays.
He told me stories of his childhood and how his mother loved and cared for him. How he was his mother’s confidant. He told me of the hard times during the state of emergency and how they had a difficult time when his father escaped to Tanzania and his mother to Kiambaa and they were left alone.
He knew my likes and dislikes. He knew I loved meat and always made time to take me for nyama choma. At times when I knew he was going out with his friends to the nearby shopping center, I would hide at the back seat of the car and only show up when he reached. He would buy me meat and a soda and take me back home, before returning to his friends.
Dad loved mum and I very much and he said it often and also showed in his actions. I saw them plan and do things together. I saw them make fun of each other. Mum would always laugh at dad because he never knew how to sing. He would just hold the hymn book and just mumble. On the other hand dad would complain that mum never knew geography of places, she would always get lost when we drove to a new area and never able to find her bearings.
When I finished college and started working, he still dropped and picked me from work. As you can imagine, a routine I had found very detaining as I wanted some independence.
When time came for me to get married, he was at first in denial that his only daughter was leaving home. He joked with his friends that even after he bought a color TV for me, I still wanted to get married! However with time he realized I was serious and gave his blessings.
He has been a great father to George and I and has been a great confidant in a lot of our plans and undertakings. He was excited when the grandchildren came along. They too have their own story to tell. He was always open to us on his plans and consulted with us on a lot of things. He openly discussed with us his fears and doubts.
Dad had a strong faith and served God with dedication. God’s business always came first. From him we learnt that without God we are nothing. When we were together as a family, he would pray and bless us. As a family we experienced our own miracles through these prayers. He taught us how to be good stewards and serve God diligently.
When he began ailing, he prepared us well and advised us on his wishes. As you know he was a good planner so he has left everything, even to the extended family in order. His prayer was to go to his maker peacefully without suffering from illness. One of his greatest wish was to complete mums work as he called it. He wanted to complete her memorial and unveiling of the cross, which we did on 22nd April 2017.
On his last days, he agreed after much persuasion to come and live with us. We therefore had time to say our goodbyes. His lasts words to us were ‘Nimwekete Wega’ . These words have given us strength and hope that we will surely see him again.
We thank everyone that was part of his life especially his close friends, all those that visited him, prayed with him, comforted him. Know that God will truly bless you. Thank you all and God bless you.

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