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Jesse Lieberman
#9 Jesse remembersJesse Lieberman 2021-04-24 17:58
Alan, your not being here leaves a giant hole in our hearts. I remember that Alan really liked to play solitaire with cards. After a while, I decided to download solitaire on my phone. It really taught me to I had to be patient will my illness as it did for Alan. Oh the joys of solitaire! I want to tell Alan that for the Run, Walk and Roll for 2021, that I have the name of Alan Turley of who I’m walking for. Rest In Peace, Alan Turley.
Jodi House
#8 James Pesci's Tribute to AlanJodi House 2021-04-20 15:20
Dear Alan,

Even though I never met you in person and didn't have the pleasure of getting to know you, I have a strong and favorable impression of you from the loving words of your many friends. You will certainly be missed. May your soul rest in peace, Alan.

Respectfully and sincerely,
James Pesci
#7 Carol B at ILRC for AlanCarol 2021-04-14 03:02
Alan, I always admired your spirit. When you faced some difficult challenges you were willing to take them on. You won a case with Unemployment Insurance that took self-advocacy skills and organization. I am so glad that I got to know you both inside and outside of Jodi House.
Manvir Sandher
#6 Manvir's Tribute to AlanManvir Sandher 2021-04-13 20:23
Alan added so much to the Jodi House community. Although he didn't have the easiest walk of life, he cared deeply about the world. He always saw the humor and love life had to offer and shared that with others.

We're going to miss seeing Alan everyday with a book in hand and a smile on his face that was infectious to those around him. I will always remember Alan's kindness, generosity, and ability to be grateful for the small things.
#5 Beth's Tribute to AlanBeth 2021-04-12 20:26
Alan was always such a bright light in Posture & Stability class and when I would run into him around town. I will always remember Alan's smile, his laugh
and the little twinkle he had in his eyes. He was so willing to try new things and was always curious and engaged in what we were doing. He brought so much joy and presence to the group activities. He felt like a friend to me and many of the other Jodi House members and staff. I am so grateful to have known him.
Jodi House
#4 Lindsey's Tribute to AlanJodi House 2021-04-08 21:19
The first time I met Alan was in keyboarding class at Jodi House. What I will always remember is watching how he helped another member turn the pages of the music sheets throughout the entire class.

Underneath his gregarious laugh lay this quiet and gentle kindness. He had an amazing ability to disarm people through his own willingness to be vulnerable and through his childlike wonder and curiosity about the world and others. He defied many conventions and even helped me recognize my own biases at times. He was a special soul who will be so missed, but there will always be a place for Alan at the Jodi House table.
Jodi House
#3 Jeff's Tribute to AlanJodi House 2021-04-08 19:21
Alan, you will be dearly missed. God bless you. Thank you for helping me steal extra food at Jodi House. I'm so sad. Jodi House will not be the same without you.
Diane Makovsky
#2 Diane's Tribute to AlanDiane Makovsky 2021-04-08 00:01
Alan would always tell me that Jodi House awakened the artist in him. He always provided us great insights and beautiful, intricate projects. While he enjoyed making things, he equally relished keeping us on our toes with trivia, interesting facts and stories about things he read, and solving puzzles. He was always quick with a smile to brighten the day, and that is how I shall remember him.
Jodi House
#1 Gabby's Tribute to AlanJodi House 2021-04-07 22:59
Alan was one of the very first members I met with when I started as the Case Manager at Jodi House. I was nervous in my new job, but he instantly made me feel comfortable with his gigantic laugh. Four years later, and it's hard to summarize the impact that Alan had on me. No matter what challenges he was facing, his optimism never wavered, his generosity never stopped, and his laugh never got any quieter.

We're going to miss Alan a lot at Jodi House. We're especially going to miss him around Halloween, whenever we do gratitude exercises, when we need someone to chop during Cooking Class, when we're using the iPads, during Ceramics, and whenever we see a Reese's Cup.

I am so grateful to have met and really gotten to know Alan. He was so special, and he made us feel special too. He will forever be a beloved member of Jodi House, but he is also a beloved friend and teacher that we will always remember.

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