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Salvatore Terrusa's Online Memorial Photo

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Create Online Memorial Photo Albums
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Memorial Biography

Sal Terrusa, son of Roy and Mamie Terrusa, brother of Louis had many successes in his life.  He was an athlete and was co-captain of his high school football team and loved baseball.  He was a veteran of the Korean War and finished college and became a football coach and taught math and history and driver's ed.  

Sal was a businessman starting the incredible Secret Forest Summer Camp for boys and girls.  Later he created a top driving school in California named Teen Auto Club.  He did all this while remaining a full time teacher in the Los Angeles School District.

He had the ability to not only dream but to make those dreams a reality. He had the tenacity and attention to detail so necessary to carry out his vision. Much of the success of his businesses was due to his ability to lead and instill his vision in those who worked with him. 

While coaching and sports was his first love, he also had a fantastic voice. His rare voice, a spinto tenor, was memorable.

Sal had 4 children, two with his first wife Marilyn, David and Mitchell and considered his step-children, Julie and Leslie from his marriage to second wife, Beverly, his children as well.

Sal's third wife, Jo was his soul mate. She was indeed the charm.  They were meant for each other and lived very happily together through tough times and great times.  They traveled and enjoyed each other for nearly 30 years.

Sal's last years were devoted to political activism as he loved his country and wanted to see it become even greater.  To that end, he wrote two books: "Patriot Papers: One Citizen's Passion for a Greater America" and "A Common Sense Platform" both of which can be found on his website: ACommonSensePlatform.com 

Sal was blessed with great health for all but his last year, had many friends who loved him dearly, had many life successes and the love, loyalty and respect of his family.