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Cathewrine Murphy's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

A kind and caring woman with strong morals and values.She was first generation italian american.She grew up in So. phila in a era of proud italian hertiage.At a young age one of her favorites was roller skating consisting with her sisters and friends. being of italian hertiage she was one of best cooks,especially around the holidays.She was always willing to share here cooking secrets,A little of this ,A little of that,never tasting like hers.She would laugh and say her cooking wasn't nothing special. Holidays were her favorite,family and plenty of food. Her wisdom was her experience in life. Often asked for her opinion she always managed to have the solution always believing everything happen for a reason. her love,devotion she shared with her children and family was special and never will be forgotten. As she got older,she slowed down and enjoyed her indepence never interfering in her childrens lives. As illness became a part of her life , she rewmainned strong and kept her sense of humor. Privacy became important during her illness realizing her life was limited,and her courage in making deciesions that would shorten her life is a inspiration to all who knew and loved her.Mom ,we miss you,you are frind, mentor and most of ,our mother