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Pierre Roundtree's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Pierre D. Roundtree was born May 11, 1987 in the city of Chicago of Dayton Roundtree and Justine Baker. Pierre was the eldest of his parents children. His only sister Porsche Roundtree.

Pierre worked very hard and deligently. He attended and graduated from Harlan Community Academy High School in 2005 and began to work right out of High School. Pierre worked at Ford and helped his mother and father when he could. Piere had not yet embarked on his road to college yet but so did plan on it soon.

Pierre was engaged to the beautiful women Crystal Johnson. Pierre and Crystal had been engaged for two years and planned on getting married in the new year. They also were going to start their family after marriage. 

By his friends Pierre was known as "Tree." Pierre was a very loving person and always smiled. He enjoyed the most going bowling and ice skating. 

Aftere getting into a little trouble in school Pierre confessed his belief in Christ and has been a child of God ever since.