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norah stewart's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

grew up in ireland/scotland. hard times. I remember her wonderful stories about some of her hard times,,,and the good ones. she was full of life,laughter and love. family was important to her. she taught me many experiences of life. how to make some traditional scottish dishes,,and enjoy life. Had many good times with her,and she was my "mother" .i loved her very much. I miss her very much and seeing her unexpectedly approx 2 weeks before her passing was meant to be. shared my last nice chats with her and laughs about things in our fun past. Grew to love the scottish traditions with her and family. I have scottish blood in me,but never knew how much i could love and enjoy it.... and still do and from being in that fun,loving atmosphere with her help. Miss her alot....and will never forget her.

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