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David CUMFER's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

My husband Dave was a caring and loving man. He loved science fiction. He loved Star Wars, Star Trek, Lost in Space. He liked Elvis Presley and The Monkees. Most of all he loved his family and he would do anything for them. He was married with with 4 step children and 5 step grandkids. He was a proud owner of a dog named Cupcake and a cat named Carrie. Dave enjoyed the holidays and everything that came with them. He would hand out candy on Halloween and afterward we would walk around to see the different decorations. He enjoyed decorating our house and seeing the neighbors houses. He looked forward to eating the Thanksgiving meal and he enjoyed going out the day after to look for the sales on black Friday. We would decorate the house and get a real tree to decorate 2 weeks before christmas. He loved picking out gifts for family and friends. The earth will never be the same with out him.