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micheala arnold's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

i had micheala jade Arnold at 24weeks gone and then my waters went and i went to my local hospital but they had to find me a hospital suitable for me n a baby that early so they rang around but it took then nearly 6 hours to find one they tried all over the country and county and in the end they found one and it was in Kent gillingham i got there just in time and i had her soon as i got there she weighed 1lb 2oz she was so transparent and tiny it scared me to death seeing all the wires on her but as time went on she started to do really well so i decided i had to go home and get few bits and get everything ready because i didn't have a single baby item to give her so had to sort that so i went home but phones the hospital that night to see if she was OK they said yeah she was comfy and fine well that settled my mind so i went to bed but i got a phone call early hours in the morning saying micheala had taken a turn the worst in the night but they only decided to let me know in the morning so i had to find a way to get to Kent but i had no way so i asked the hospital to help me and they said they couldn't but in the end they suggested they pay for a taxi to pick me up so it did and on the journey there the hospital was on the phone to me telling me the in`s and outs of whats happening with her and if i wanted her christened so she did and i got to the hospital doors and a nurse was waiting for me and i knew the look on her face it wasn't good news so when she told me i collapsed and ran to were she was and there she was in a moses basket so i picked her up she was still warm but i just had to cuddle her because it would b the first cuddle i had ever had off her and i just wanted her near me for me to make her better but i knew deep down she was gone and then that was it my life just seemed empty and in pain so she died at the age of 2 weeks old .