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Melody Maurice

Mell Mell
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Memorial Biography

Melody Rose Maurice was my cousin. She was the most brilliant, outgoing, kind-hearted person you could ever meet. She had the reputation of having "A Heart of Gold." She was raised by her grandparents who taugh her that family, no matter how distant, was the most important thing in life. She lived by that from the moment her grandparents told her to the moment she was deceased. She was a major animal-lover. She had two cats, a German Shepard, and a little pet rat she named Bonzo. She, as we all know, was just an amazing dancer. She took pride her in ability to dance. She was very well-rounded with different styles of dancing. Her all-time favorite style of dancing was Belly-Dancing. She was very talented and light on her feet. She had taught a class to younger children whos family couldn't afford to pay for a class. She spent most of her free time teaching the poorer kids around how to dance. When she wasn't teaching kids to dance she was watching the San Diego Chargers play football. She was working on her Doctorate Degree in Cogntive Neurosciences. She was also working towards a Masters Degree in Computer Sciences. She made friends very well and just about everyone who ever met her or stopped to talk to her was impressed and liked her manners, her formalities, and ability to start and carry on a pleasent conversation. She had very many close friends who adored her.


It was on the night of December 8th, 2012 at approximately 1:33 am, that she was walking back home to her apartment from WalMart with both arms filled with shopping bags. She approached a stoplight and pressed the crosswalk button and awaited the signal for her to cross the street. Cautiously looking before walking into the street at such an early hour she then walked into the street and heading into the center of the crosswalk about midway from either sidewalk when an enormous, white, Ford F-150 truck came tearing across the road at an extremely high rate of speed. Due to the fact she was already about halfway in the road she was not capabable of moving out of the way. She was hit by the truck. The truck moved over and resumed it's speeding away from her. A few other crosswalkers witnessed this terrible event and were already chatting up a storm with 911. She was rushed to a hospital no more then 25 minutes later. She died from internal bleeding, three crushed organs, and too many shattered ribs and broken bones. Too many serious injuries that, unfortunately, could not acquire the attention that was needed with enough haste. Melody Rose Maurice was pronounced deceased at 3:17 a.m. that same morning of December 8th, 2012.