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Loren Verdi's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

We met on a whim, through a basic human need, on a warm summer night in Georgia. As you pulled into my driveway, I felt this was more than an average hookup, but I let the feeling pass. We drove together down that rocky dirt road to the hosting place where we would connect many times afterwards. I could tell you were nervous. Your demeanor quiet, yet ready for anything that might occur. I repeatedly assured you that it was all legit, we had total discretion and I wasn't trying lead you into a setup. Like you said, your comfortable nature did not set in until I removed my clothes as we sat on the bed. The A/C wall unit humming along with the thumping of the stereo in the next room created the atmosphere for our mutual yearning for a climax. Once we reached that lustful point and laid side by side--occassionally looking into each other's eyes and making small talk--I began to sense an attraction more than for your body, but for you as a person.

The online conversations we shared varied day-by-day, but it was everyday nonetheless, we spent talking to each other. We talked about everything. Nothing was too off subject or taboo. I loved how deep your perspectives and views on the world we live in ran. Of course, it wasn't always good times. There was instances where we bumped heads and had conflicting ideas only to agree to disagree. It became real for me when I said I love you, and you said the same. I knew then that I would always have that special place for you in my heart that remains today and forever until I'm with you again in the skies. You were a carefree spirit and my the first dude I've ever loved on that level. I will always miss you and think of you everyday. In the world's eye, we're two people who found a common bond; to you and I, we became one. I love you.

Rest In Peace, Slick.