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Linda MasonRN's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

My sister was a super women she had a hard life but she wouldn't let anything get in her way, She was a RN at parkland hospital and she love it she was heave sent and it was so wonderful to have her as my sister. She passed a way at a young age of 54. From COPD. I believe that god wanted her home with him to keep her self from all the suffering she went though. She was a friend to me as well as one of my wonderful sisters. She is with are Mom,Dad and one of are other sisters Debbie. This is so hard for me to write because I can be selfish at time and just want them all here with me. How ever I know that one day when are Lord calls me home I well see them again. You all are my angles watching over the ones you all loved. My you all R.I.P I well never stop thing about you all and loving you all as well