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LIAM DORST's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

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Memorial Biography

Liam grew up in a loving home in Geneva, Florida with three siblings: Genevieve (10), Cole (7) and Nyla (almost 4) to his parents Christie and Robert Dorst Jr.  Liam came into this world a little earlier than expected and stayed in the hospital for 9 days to be strong enough to come home.  Most milestones came and went a little late but still within normal until around 15 months old.  As suspicions grew so did the professionals. 

At age 3 Liam was finally diagnosed with autism thus beginning a new journey for our family.  Once Liam spoke more, he could finally say "I love you" and never stopped.  His favorite toys were usually not the traditional ones but rocks and sticks and tools.  Whatever he could make a sword out of, he would.  Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman and penguins were among his most beloved characters.  He also enjoyed sitting and watching his daddy play video games, eating Nana's cakes and having a popsicle.  Liam was a great climber and problem solver and always preferred to be outside.

Liam's school life started at age 3 and continued until kindergarten at UCP Seminole campus.  There he grew emotionally and academically.  The teachers and staff showed exceptional skill in helping him learn to be a good friend and student without judgment as they still do with all of the children.

On December 11, 2011 Liam died due to massive injuries to his right side from the family's minivan.  He held on just long enough for the medical team to arrive and whisk him to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando.  His parents were very grateful to not have had to see him die in front of them.


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