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JERRY TROUTT's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

My Father wasn't your average father, he was much more than that. He came from a family four, James, Jerry, Janis, Jo Ann, Father was James Samuel, Mother was Ethel Mae, My dad had 5 kids with me (James Dean) being the oldest. My dad was raised in West Frankfort, Illinois and after a short time so were we. My dad was a Marine and was married on 05-28-1964, then I was born in 07/1965 my siblings were born, Kim 05/1968 then my two brothers Jay 01/1971 and Mike 08/1972 respectively and then my youngest sister Michelle 12/1974. He worked long and hard to support his family and he retired from the Franklin County Sheriffs Office in April of 2004, then found he had Rectum/Colon Cancer and passed away on December 27,2005. I take great solace that I know for a fact that my dad has wings and I am glad that he is in heaven instead of being in pain here on earth....Hope to see you soon one day dad....I LOVE YOU DAD...

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