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Adeline Huhnstock's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Adeline (Baesemann) Huhnstock, 90, Wausau, a native of Rib Falls, died Friday, Feb. 18, 2011, in Phoenix. Her husband, Clarence, died in 1980. She is survived by her children, Kathleen, George, Tom; and six grandchildren. Adeline taught in rural grade schools, then in Rib Mountain and Weston. She loved teaching and had a special way of working with each student's individual needs. She was successful and memorable, thus leaving a fine and lasting "footprint." She loved taking pictures and assembled more than 100 photo albums and scrapbooks. She enjoyed entertaining, traveling, reading and many other pastimes. Adeline was eager, determined and headstrong. Proactive and efficient, she would be planning and working ahead when possible. A thoughtful person, she was always doing something to brighten up someone's day, or would be there to help when needed. She genuinely cared about the happiness of others, their individuality and interests. Adeline was unique, an extra-ordinary mother and friend. Adeline had advanced dementia but, even into her last week, she was often "bubbly," funny and made others laugh. Her warm, contented smile was precious. She usually connected Tom as her son, and their daily time together was surprisingly interactive. The family is grateful to those who sent cards or visited her. This last week she received a card from her niece, Mary. Adeline was excited and simultaneously displayed emotions of joy with a tear. Seems the meaningful and memorable moments in life are when true, genuine hearts do or enjoy the little things. No services are planned. Burial at Baesemann Cemetery in Rib Falls, WI