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Dennis Barth's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

He will be following the deaths of fromer son Todd and Tadd Barth

Dennis's life was filled with much excitement with his grandchildren always coming to visit him. He also enjoyed working on cars with his son Timm C Barth.

He was a very good mechanice he was a loving father, and grandpa, he will be missed by his wife Carol Jeann Kramer and children, Timm C Barth, Toni C Barth, Tanya C Barth, Tina C Barth, Troy C Barth, Tracy C Barth, Grandchildren, Tyler C Barth, Trevor C Barth, Brandon C Barth, Devona Lee, Gunther Lee, Ivan Lee, Alvina Lee, Willard Lee, Mercades Rachfaul, Dominic Rachfaul, Cassie Rachfaul, Keith Jr, Stephine patt, and angie patt. Brothers, Elroy C Barth, Lennard C Barth, Marvin Barth, Father: Earl C Barth Mother: long Deaseaced Mary C Barth.

The Funneral will be held at St. Nicolas Cathlioc Cemetary May 7th 2004