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Francisco Cuevas's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

"FAMILY FIRST I'D DIE FOR ANY ONE OF YOU" This was what Francisco Cuevas lived by. One of many quotes that warm the hearts of those who knew him. A successful, dedicated and proud business owner with a heart bigger then life itself. To us, his family, he was a teacher and a confidant. When he spoke it was constant reassurance that everything would be ok. "Life is hard but together we can handle anything." Words that mean so much  now, but are so difficult to swallow considering how he was tragically stolen from our lives. A senseless act that broke foundations and changed lives forever. A tragedy that is still a daily battle. We are still fighting for justice, for accountability and for the tiny bit of relief that the person who thought he could play god pays for what he has done. JusticeforFranky.com is the website dedicated to this mission. Well, with this website we can validate his warmth, strength, and love that we miss so dearly. This horrible incident will not steal our memories and loving thoughts. Cut short definitely but the time we had is treasured and acknowledged daily. Stories that explore every emotion. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Now, back to how he lived. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Buffalo, NY, later moving to Florida and continuing his journey to take full advantage of every minute of every day. Owner of Pyro Industries he was successful throughout Florida as well as over seas to paradise islands like Aruba. I believe, he was so successful because he was a good soul and trustworthy. Traits that shined through his personality. He said what he meant and always meant what he said. He loved to laugh, dance and have fun. He enjoyed a wide variety of music. His priority was his family. It was very important to him that we as a whole always took care of each other. "We are small but we are all we have." During any family gatherings it was guaranteed to be the best time of your life, determined to create beautiful memories of laughter, food and fun. Essentials to a happy life. Above and beyond that was him. We miss him more then words can express. He lived a big life always aiming for the stars. With this page I hope to create a place to express the memories of excitement, laughter and experiences we were blessed with. Savoring precious memories. A reference to the joy he longed for all of us to have. Little relief to those so common rough days, making them just bearable to those who will always be broken.