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Concepcion Rodriguez

Guelita Conchita
Concepcion Rodriguez's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico... Loving mother of nine children- five boys and four girls - Fernando, Esperanza, Enrique, Myriam, Felix, Consuelo, Adrian, Awilda, Leo; loving grandmother to fourteen grandchildren - Nilda, Madeline, Ralph, Jose, Roberto, Yadira, Javier, Concepcion, Eduardo, Felito, Eunice, Rebecca, Barbara, Juny and never got to meet her greatgrandchildren - so many I've lost count... I think twenty-three!!!!

Loved to laugh, liked to play bingo, all Ponce knew who "Concha" was, had a temper but loved with passion, very proud of me - used to drive people crazy (I think my mom inherited this - she can drive people crazy talking about her grandbabies)...

Guelita Conchita, I miss your hugs so tight...  and our rides on public transportation to go to "el pueblo"

I miss her more than words can ever express and I am sure that everybody misses her the same...  We hope to meet one day with her in heaven...