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brian williams's Online Memorial Photo

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Brian passed away november last ,it was sudden,he was only 48......He was funny smart easy going full of life and divilment....i was brians partner for ten years and could'nt of wished to spend them with any one else but brian...Brian died of a brain anersym which seems all too common,otherwise he was a healty man,he donated his organs ,both kidneys,liver,and heart which was larger than life,i have to pinch myself at times to feel if it's real or a bad dream,unfortunatly its true..it gives me great consolation to know he has helped four men all in there fourtys.knowing he gave these men a second chance is a great confort...he was generous and loved life...he was loved by many and we all miss him terribly.his brothers,sister,father,daughter,step daughter and grandaughter to whom he gave great pleasure and knowlege to...

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