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Benjamin Rivera's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Ben was born in Belen,NM, in the back room of the Rivera Store, you can still see the room he was born in if you go to Pete,s cafe right next to the rail road tracts.

Ben married Cindy Hubbard Rivera in Oct, 26th 1974. They went on to give brith to four of the greatest children God could of ever put on this earth. They have 3 girls and one son. Ben never though he be able to have children. But when that day came Ben said look I have a million dollar baby. He really ment those words. Then came his 2st daughter. He was so happy, he said she do great things, she has. Then came his 3rd daughter he said well we finally got a mexican, she was johnish, he though it turn out she look white when she was well. Then came our son Anthony, He was the Rivera to carry on the family name, But at Gods plan he was taken from us at the age of 23, But we thank God he allow him to leave us a grandson to carry on the family name.

Since the day ben and Cindy were married his family has grown from the two of them to 16 members all togather. Son-in-laws and grandchildrens.