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Barbara LaFever's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Barbara was a wonderful mother to me.  She was a great friend and cared alot about everyone.  Her career as a principal is one thing that I remember her doing. We loved to spend time together and take trips with friends and family.  I am her daughter, Anne La Fever who is creating this in her memory.  I was nine when she passed.  She adopted me from China when I was two and even since, I have loved her so much.  She was the first of three children.  Her parents were Selma and John La Fever.  Her sisters were Bernedette and Christine.  Bernedette was the second child and Christine was the third.  She worked as a principal at Margret Duff Elementary school in Rosemead California.  The spring of 2005 was when she started to get sick.  I was in third grade.  She started to show symptoms.  She stated to have memory loss, couldn't walk as well, couldn't talk very well, and started to get numb.  One day, a friend of hers took us to the ER of Pomona Valley Hospital.  Then, her friend took me over to my grandparents house.  Before we left, I started crying and told my mom that I didn't want to leave her and that I wanted to stay with her.  At first, the doctors thought she had a stroke.  She was in and out of the hospital many times.  Then they found a tumor in her brain and diagnosed it as cancer.   She also went to Methodist Hospital and was put into a nursing home for a while.  Then so got so sick that we had to have a home nurse come and take care of her.  She suffered for about five months but she didn't get very ill until June/July.  Then at the end of August was when her time came to leave. I remember her furneral.  It was very beautiful.  My Aunt was suppossed to sing Amazing Grace, but she was too sad to and was crying instead.  I was standing in a pew next to my best friend, Anna, crying.  As her casket was being carried out, I made a little bye/wave gester, and whispered, 'Bye bye, Mommy'.  She is remembered and lives through me, Christine Martin, Barbara Niewola, Her nieces and parents, and all of her many friends.