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adolfo flores-sanchez's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

my husband,adolfo sanchez,and loving father to Dakota and TROYY was found on sept.16,2012, on the riverbank in neuvo larado,mexico. he had been shot in the right temple and above his right eye.  Adolfo had been in mexico for about 3 months after being deported from ice in mississippi.  he worked as head cook at noahs ark in des moines,iowa from may 20,1997 until august 4,2006. adulfo met and later married brenda rodriquez sanchez on sept 16,1996 in san diego, california  the family moved to des moines iowa,in may of 1997 where they made their home on s. watrous ave in des moines,iowa.  adolfo was loved and treasured by his family and friends and will always hold a place in his boys life.  missing  my loving husband, and not knowing the whys, what if's and how  comes? bUT WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE AT REST IN THE ARMS OF JESUS!!