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LIAM DORST's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

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Create Online Memorial Photo Albums
Create Online Memorial Photo Albums


Latest Announcements:

  • December 25th 2011


    This should be the slideshow from Liam's memorial


  • December 17th 2011


    Directly to us at Fairwinds Credit Union under Christie Dorst

    ChipIn via Paypal

    Liam Family Fund on Facebook has information

    Other Organizations:

    TACA-national org for autism advocating biomedical intervention

    The Autism Site-aka Autism Awareness national autism org

    UCP of Central Florida- esp Seminole campus  childcare and charter school for special needs children

    UCF CARD-local chapter for those w/ autism and related disabilities

    Nathaniel's Hope-locally started org for children w/ special needs

    Northland Church-Longwood, where the children attended Buddy Break, memorial service site and much much more


  • December 17th 2011
    We are also looking for a couple of people to video tape the service.
  • December 16th 2011
    We are looking for someone to bring a helium tank so that we may send up balloons to Liam after the service and before the pot luck.
  • December 16th 2011
    There will be a time during the celebration to tell others a funny story or memory of Liam.  I suggest you have it typed and emailed to me so I can put together a master copy for the officiant.  When your name is called, he will say it out loud and give you the opportunity to go up and speak or have him read it instead.
  • December 16th 2011

    Memorial Service:

    Wednesday  December 21, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Northland, a church distributed   530 Dog Track Road  Longwood, FL    ask for Laura Lee Wright or call her directly at 407-937-0549 for details

    We are asking that everyone attending wear red or blue shirts and casual bottoms.  No dressing up.  Some immediate family members will be wearing specially made silkscreened red photo t-shirts in Liam's honor.  It is possible to order one if the count is at least 50 collectively.  The shirts will be white and come in sizes s, m, or l for youth or adults.  The count and money must be in by noon Monday payable to Robert or Christie Dorst to be in time for the service Wednesday.  It may be possible to place the order on Wednesday depending on the count.  The cost will be $10 for youth and $15 for adult.

    Childcare will be provided including those children with special needs through Nathaniel's Hope Buddy Break program.  Laura Lee can give more information on this wonderful program and credentials.  Many activities will be available with a possibility of playground time.  A head count is preferred by Monday, December 19th for proper help.

    A pot luck reception at the church will follow.  There will be power strips provided in case there are any slow cookers.   The typical amount is enough food (single dish) for your family and 2 others.  Suggestions could be pasta, potato, regular salad, finger sandwiches, popcorn chicken, meatballs, fruits*, veggies, deli meats, cheeses, etc.  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  NO NUTS, INCLUDING PEANUTS, ALLSPICE, NUTMEG, PEANUT BUTTER OR APPLE PIE SPICE-PLEASE READ LABELS CAREFULLY                                       


    There will also be a gluten free table.

    Mini cupcakes and a shot of chocolate milk will be provided for dessert.

    In lieu of flower arrangements, we ask to have potted flowers instead so they may last longer at our home.





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